Membership Benefits

  • Each member brokerage will continue to operate entirely under its own brand.
  • CIMBC provides support and training on how to operate a more successful and profitable business.
  • CIMBC offers and delivers the best overall industry compensation, which is available to all of its member brokers!
  • Innovative technology and software is available that will enhance the client experience, for those who wish to explore this option.
  • Through the introduction of ancillary products under each member broker’s own brand, opportunities for higher revenue streams will be available to all members. These products will each build real monetary value for each member, creating a solid tangible asset for their business.
  • CIMBC offers education programs that will focus on how to operate a more efficient business.
  • Template documents, contracts and CRM templates are made available to all members.
  • Rate and product updates provided to keep all member brokers up to date in these fast-paced unprecedented times of change which is key to running a successful business.

We are excited about CIMBC’s ability to generate impactful change by leveraging our combined influence and strength to produce a more sustainable environment with our lender partners. The entrepreneurial and efficient focused membership, can create a difference through innovative processes and systems that will create positive change for the industry.

Mike Hall
Oriana Financial Group of Canada Ltd.