BY WORKING TOGETHER WITH OUR LENDER AND MEMBER BROKER PARTNERS, we have formed a higher standard for the industry. CIMBC’s objective is to provide its broker members enhanced consistency, and superior profiencies from the initial point of solicitation, right through the application and funding of a mortgage transaction successfully.

Through the promotion of effective team building exercises, strong business principles, and better education for both brokers and agents, we strive to significantly improve profitability for our member brokers, their agents, and our lender associates. This will ensure a more sustainable partnerships for generations to come.

CIMBC’s support gave me the confidence to remain an independent branded brokerage, without having to worry about meeting minimum lender volumes to have access to them, all the while putting more compensation in Taurus’ pocket to better run the business, and leverage recruitment capabilities for more growth.

George Hugh
Taurus Mortgage Capital